Q. Can we talk or meet first?

A. Yes. I offer a fifteen minute consultation by phone, Skype or over a coffee, so that you get to meet me before our first walk, ask any questions and decide if walking therapy is for you.

Q. Where do we walk?

A. Most of the routes are on Dartmoor, although I can plan alternative routes according to your needs and location.​ The walks are circular routes, and we stick to well marked tracks. However, if you prefer to venture off piste, thats fine too.

Q. Do I need to be really fit?

A. No. Wilderness Therapy is about being outside and having space to think and breath, and not about distance or speed. We walk at your pace, sticking to well trodden tracks (unless you request otherwise), stopping to take in the scenery as often as you like. I will ask you to complete a form to confirm that you are fit to take part, and I am happy to plan routes to suit your level of fitness or accessibility. Please let me know if you have any concerns about fitness, and consult your GP where appropriate.

Q. What do I need to wear?

A. Please wear sturdy footwear suitable for uneven tracks, and clothing appropriate for the time of year and weather. I recommend you bring a minimum of a hat and waterproof clothing all year round for Dartmoor! We usually stop half way round for a flask of hot drink, and it can be pretty chilly if we are up high.

Q. What else do I need to bring?

A. Please bring your own drinking water; many people choose to bring a hot drink too. You may wish to carry a small rucksack, or I can carry a jacket and bottle of water for you if they pack down small! I always carry a rucksack, first aid kit, map, compass and GPS tracking device. Better safe than sorry! 

Q. What if the weather is too bad?

A. I am happy to walk in all weathers, unless there is a weather warning. However, if the weather is adverse and you wish to rearrange for another day, please call me before 9am on the day of your appointment to avoid a cancelation fee. Sometimes the wet and windy sessions are the best. It can be a little harder to hear one another, but the wild weather can be invigorating and really lift your spirits.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Exceptionally well behaved dogs, that do not chase livestock, are welcome. But they can distract you a bit. Your time and space is really valuable, so be absolutely sure, before you go sharing your appointment with your partner in crime!

Q. Are shorter (or longer) walks available?

A. Yes. Half day walks are the perfect opportunity to really slow down, and combine counselling, coaching and mindfulness. I am also happy to arrange shorter walks, but I consistently find the real benefit to be in having time to fully unwind and be heard.


It would be extremely tiring to spend three hours in a counsellor's office, and yet an hour-long appointment is never really enough time to benefit. Fortunately, being outdoors is energising, and so this allows you more time to slow down, hear yourself think, and really benefit from the session.