wilderness therapy

Outdoor counselling in the beautiful surrounds of North Dartmoor, combining coaching,

counselling and mindfulness with open space, fresh air, exercise and adventure.


The research behind walking therapy is becoming more apparent as we piece together the link between mental and physical health, exercise and spending time in nature. Equally, studies now show the detrimental side effects of loneliness and stress on our bodies.

Aside from the breathing space and the cathartic effect of being out in the elements, we know that exercise helps regulate stress hormones in our bodies. This process enables walking therapy to work even more effectively, as well as improving energy and sleep quality.

With our focus on the path ahead, there is no feeling of 'being under the microscope,' and no watching the clock. Getting away from buildings, traffic and busy streets can have an instant affect on our mood, and done in conjunction with counselling, increases the therapeutic results.

The benefits also include improved health, confidence, achievement, mindfulness, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and adventure.

Read what the media has to say about walking therapy via @wildernesstherapyuk.





  • Three hour therapy walks cost £70.​​ Please see FAQs for details on shorter or longer walks. 

Group walking therapy and coaching

  • Burnout walking therapy for professionals

  • Military and veteran walking therapy

  • Emergency Services walking therapy

  • Qualified health professionals walking therapy

Workshops, bespoke packages and employee assistance

  • Please contact me to find out more about arranging a bespoke package for your organisation, including employee mental health programmes and assistance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Group Expeditions 

  • Organised treks combining Wilderness Therapy and coaching across the UK, Europe and worldwide.


Hello, I'm Lucy, and I am a qualified coach and counsellor.


I offer walking therapy following my own experience with burnout and depression, as well as a major career change on leaving the Armed Forces. I lose count of the number of counsellors and other therapies that I tried. However I grew to dread waiting rooms and repeating my story to yet another sympathetic counsellor, wondering how soon it would be until I started to feel any better. The box of tissues and comfy armchair often made me wonder how many other people had sat there before me, and hour-long appointments seemed like I was only there to update the counsellor, before our time was up, and my carpark ticket was due to expire.


My experiences are therefore what drive me to reach other people like myself; those that do not want the arm chair, the sympathy or the one-in-one-out appointment. These clichés can prevent many people, often professionals, from seeking help, and yet these are often the strong, independent and capable men and women, who most need to talk. 


As well as the evidence behind walking therapy, I find time and time again, that walking and talking in open space, has a powerful effect on people, helping gain a sense of clarity, purpose and thinking space, as well as achievement, and immense inspiration to take control of your situation. ​This has enabled me to support fellow professionals and veterans alike.

I hold diplomas in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Dip PsyC Level 5), NLP (Dip INLPTA), Coaching and Mentoring (ILM Level 5), and I attend regular CPD to ensure I provide the most current and relevant experience.



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Covering North Dartmoor and Mid Devon. Workshops and group therapy treks across the UK and Worldwide.

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It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves ~ Sir Edmund Hilary